3D Panoramic Virtual Tour

This powerful virtual tour authoring and java viewing environment builds on the foundation of Millettech, giving developers and power users the ultimate flexibility and control.

Starting by creating panoramas and 3D objects, adding hotspots and links, it then goes further, Makes 3D models spin inside panoramas; applying color, layers and special transition effects to images. Add features and actions to make your virtual tours really stand out!

Why Millettech?

Building on the foundation of 360.3D Lite and 360 Panorama Professional, Millettech includes all the features of 360.3D Lite and 360 Panorama Professional: the powerful image stitching tool, 3D object building features and the panorama linking & publishing capabilities.

Not just for the experts - create tours with features to amaze your competitors. If you're familiar with concepts such as behaviors, scripting and timelines in modern html editors like Dream weaver, the intuitive authoring environment will enable you to fully create customized tours.

Take control over every aspect of your virtual tour. Link panoramas together or add external URL links. Define partial panoramas and control all aspects of the pano rotation, including spin direction, rate and frequency.

Customize your 3D object tours & integrate panoramas to bring eCommerce to life. The 3D Object tools give you customization features including background color choice, display/hiding of the interface toolbar and progress bar toggle and messages.

Add your own skins, toolbars, 3D and special animation effects. Use image layers to add virtual tour “skins”, picture frames and toolbars. Add still photos & animated sequences/slideshows to your panorama presentations, as well as creating 3D object and video-like effects, such as objects spinning inside panoramas.

Special image effects give your tours movie-like impact. The ability to apply special image effects to your panoramas and other photos, gives you cinematic-like control, allowing you to: - fade into still photos from a hotspot within the panorama, - apply realistic Lens Flares that can follow panorama panning, - dynamically lighten or darken part of a panorama, - fade into each panorama from a specified color, - apply grey or sepia effects to part of a panorama, - transition into each panorama with a transparency effect, - zoom into part of your panorama.

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