3D Animation

3D animation is produced in standard software packages, such as 3D Studio MAX, Maya or Lightwave3D. The fundamental skills of the 3D artists involve learning to use such packages, which are astoundingly complex. Learning to create, texture and animate models using the standard applications is the central task, and requires years of dedicated study. Programming skills, in the sense of writing code in programming or scripting languages, are secondary.

Millettech is a place where we offer a beautiful new medium, with a special eye for its use on the Web. The expertise will create 3D graphics and animation step by step, and each biweekly tutorial will build on your knowledge and experience until you are quite far along and doing some exciting things. The tone will be visual and intuitive, bringing 3D graphics and animation concepts to life--quite literally.

The Coolest Way to Hot 3D animation

Millettech allows designers to create high-impact 3D animations.
Add Punch to Your Projects with the Power of Millettech COOL 3D animation!

We make use of 3D MAX, MAYA, Softimage XS I as the strongest tool boasts more input and output options than any 3D program in its class. Plus, with Millettech COOL 3D animation's unique special effects, you've got a 3D machine like no other.

Many, and perhaps most, people will be drawn to 3D arts for purely graphical purposes. 3D imagery will continue to expand in film, broadcast and print markets. There will always be demand for the talented pure modeler or animator, working in the standard packages.

In order to create the mostly impressive the industry's most robust and affordable tool to create animated GIFs. Easily create fast-loading animation for your Web site and PowerPoint presentations.

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