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Website News

June 2nd 2016June 2nd 2016June 2nd 2016June 2nd 20
Website design of Simple Life
We are pleased to announced that Millettech successful developed a website for a e-commerce company,uksimplelife.co.uk.This website is the best choice for students,women,showrooming etc....

February 7th 2015February 7th 2015February 7th 201
Millettech developed the first branch in 2014, is located in Wuhan.
In the new year, we look back on the past, Millettech developed the first branch in 2014, is located in Wuhan, Millettech Branch was established in January 2014......

January 31st 2015
2015,Millettech has finished a great update
In the coming nice future of 2015, Millettech has finished a great update, our registered capital from 500,000 RMB of 8 years ago to 5000,000 RMB of now....

October 29th 2014October 29th 2014October 29th 201
Website design of Tech Blast
Tech Blast is blog style website that was built by Millettech technical team during June,2014.The website contains many great funtionality that allow visitors to interact and leave their feedback online....

October 29th 2014October 29th 2014October 29th 201
Synthite website completed
Millettech has successfully constructed a fantastic website for Synthite, the worlds largest producer of spices, high value-added products on July 21, 2014.The website is mainly consisted of company introduction,...

August 25th 2013August 25th 2013
Millettech finish 3D design for a restraurant
Millettech has designed a 3D graph for the decoration of a newly opened restraurant.We will continue to provide logo design and graphic design and website development for this restraurant. ...

January 22nd 2014
Millettech build a swimming training site for a client based on Neitherland
Millettech recently succeeded in building a site for a holland client,the site is officially swimming trainning site,teaching kids to swim....

Millettech has successfully finished a VI design sample
Recently Millettech has successfully finished a VI design sample. Owing to our talented designers and other able colleagues we are capable of compelet works on time, in budget and with highest quality. As we all know VI design is the visual symbol of the corporate culture, corporate values and vision carriers. So it’s of great importance that an excelent design solution works....

August 25th 2013
3D Design Case of a Clinic Completed
Millettech has successfully finished a 3D design of a clinic model for a client this month. This case is a complete design for a effective and practical clinic which contains detailed interior layout and external views clearly displaying the clinic’s overall image....

April 10th, 2013
Ureative completed
Millettech finished the web design of Ureative.com and APP of FISSUE in the middle of April. The client’s bussiness is mainly on the creating digital images and each season all the different kinds of brands the show, such as Dior, CHANEL, Louis Vuitton. This website is a platform to show the potential clients ...

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