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Website News

Abel Flash website completed
Millettech finished the web design and programmed by flash, uploading all the website of Abel website in the half of December. The client is from Shanghai one design and architecture company ....

ZIVA Java website completed
Millettech finished the web design and programmed by Java, uploading the entire website of ZIAV website in the 20 of December. The client is one of the Olympic equipment sponsor.The website consists of two brands, Collection and Essentials. Essentials can check all the products for users, but Collection should enter the password and username to check, it is not opened....

November 28,2012
Millettech successfully finished the poster design in seven working days
On 28th November Millettech have finished the poster design for Oneexpress company who offers services with Air Freight to China 、courier delivery and warehouse distribution ....

October 16,2012
Perfectly achieved the teamwork with REXOR on web design
On 15th October 2012 we Millettech Information and Technology Co.Ltd,a lead global web design company have finished the web design of REXOR company in France,which delicates to develop manufacture and market a wide range of products using its four core businesses that are the metalization, the formulation, and cutting the coating...

June 29,2012
Millettech Successfully Completed a Professional Video Website(Phase 1)
Millettech has successfully finished the design and development work for Umelook (Phase 1)——a platform of videos. Umelook is a professional video presentation website which is very similar to Youtube.com. This website is built by HTML, PHP and FLASH. It has two language versions which are English and Chinese. The main function of the website will be uploading videos by users. But different users have different limitation.. But in Phase...

June 27,2012
Millettech represents a company to attend the GSMA from 22 June to 24 June
Millettech a professional web design company in shanghai representative an Italy team to attend the GSMA from 22 june to 24 june, the booth is N2,K43. The GSM Association (GSMA) is an association of mobile operators and related companies devoted to supporting the standardising, deployment and promotion of the GSM mobile telephone system. The workers from millettech help the clients install the computers and then introduce their softwares, the hairstyle and the magic mirror two softwares attract many people to view and try ,they think they are very funny and cool. And the workers from ...

June 11th,2012
Millettech Finished the Logo& Namecard Design on 14 June
Millettech has finished the logo&namecard design project. This project is designed for a new consulting company ,whose major theme is cooperation and successful. The client comes form Germany ,he begins his career in China. ...

June 11th,2012
Millettech Offer an Excellent PPT Masterplate to a Consulting Company on 11 June
Millettech finished a ppt design for a german consulting company on 11June The PPT pictures are in high resolution and each picture stands a theme of the client's company business,which are very professional and fashional. The first one stands the client's company meaning toward success and cooperate,and the next four maintain their four major business. ...

May 11th, 2012
EUGENIUS completed
Millettech finished the web design and uploading all the website of Eugenius website in the half of April. The client is from Australia and now live in shanghai. The website upgrading is mainly consisted of products uploading and management display functions. Show all their business to all clients and can send the inquiry to receive the...

February 22nd,2012
A transportation website has been successfully completed
Millettech has just constructed a transportation website. Normally it is hard to find a perfect transport vehicle as a result of requirements such as date, type of goods, address and size. Now our new website: http://backloadme.milletsoft.cn/ comes to solve problems. With the help of it, customers can...

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