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Dec 25th 2009
Millettech Wishes You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
How time flies! The snowflake outside the window is reminding us of the end of the year, and Millettech is also one year older. Here we want to thank all our clients and our friends, for you have given us so much support. Here we want to thank all our clients and our friends, for you have given us so much support. Today, on Christmas, we would like to present you our small gift. Hope you will enjoy it! (Click the following link to watch the e-card) http://www.millettech.com/greetingcard/greetingcard.html ...

Dec 15th 2009
The Chinese Website of Larich Draws a Good End
By the middle of December, we successfully finalized the Chinese version of Larich, www.la-rich.com,a traveling website. During the building process of the website, graphic design, web design and flash design were involved. Among them, flash design was a featured function. By successful implementation of flash, the website has given users a vivid and pleasant feeling when they access it. Besides that, we have finished its CMS construction. This CMS is a multi-language one. By using it, we can manage the content of the website easily and conveniently. During the website development process, our client gave us much support. Thanks for the good and effective communication, the website is now open to public. For those who are interested in traveling, welcome to visit!...

Nov 2009
Successful End for a wine magazine company in shanghai 15th, Oct
Millettech is pleased to announce that the flash website of a wine magazine company in shanghai.It was finalized successfully on 15th, Oct.,2009.Our design is to help them promote knowledge about drinks and build their company culture and identity. Our company successfully developed a user friendly and professional CMS for the website. During the process of the improvement of the website, many technologies were used, including graphic design, web design, and flash design and Javascript technology. Among them, Javascript and flash technology were featured functions of the website. As flash is such a powerful tool to impress the users with its moving pictures, it was applied in the homepage to give a direct and vivid demonstration of the special products and their community. Thanks to the common effort of our clients and our staffs, we finished the design in time and at the same time, with high quality. The successful experience between the two companies paved way for their future cooperation. ...

Nov 2009
Successful 3D Video Design for Safety Consulting 30th, Oct
By the end of October, Millettech successfully drew an end of the 3D Video design for Safety Consulting, our European client. As they have expected, our designers made videos efficiently. And we received much gratitude from their side. By designing videos in China teaching people how to escape from dangerous situations, we feel that we are also helping people. Our designers devoted themselves in the process, and they feel content and happy....

July 2009
EcoTech’s Good Prospect Enhanced www.ecotechdesignbuild.com
Millettech has developed English and Chinese version of EcoTech with our techniques of web & graphic design, SEO, Flash, etc. Moreover, Millettech also can provide customized CMS for real estate developer. We satisfied this customer highly....

July 2009
Larich Boasting Its Tourism 26th, July www.la-rich.com
Millettech developed a Travel Website named Larich, which contains Web and Graphic Design, Flash, Special search function, Product categories and a customized CMS which makes clients themselves be able to have their target information in back-up system. ...

July 2009
Good end of PDM international website 25th, July

We successfully developed this flash website called http://www.pdmdesign.com.sg, an international design company in Singapore. During which we used graphic design, web design, flash design and flash programming, and finished CMS redevelopment and improvement with new graphic design. Now, this website is in maintenance period. ...

June 2009
Highlighting Cooperation with Dragon Bus
Recently, Millettech has contributed to the success of Dragon Bus's website:dragonbuschina.com. Dra Bus, a travel network catering to the increasing number of independent travelers heading to China, has its own website under the help of Millettech. It provided the Australia company with web development and flash design allowing all the people available knowing about the characteristics of the travel company. The successful cooperation between the two companies paved a way for their future business....

June 2009
Successful 3D Myshoptown World
This newly-developed 3D technology applied by Millettech gives shoppers a real 3D world of MyShopTown bring them to a virtual reality of the stuff in this on-line clothing shopping center oriented to woman. After the website development, Millettech employed the 3D VIDEO AND 3D ANIMATION and SEO technology to highlight the attractive website, hence a direct and clear version to the customers. These technologies enhance Millettech the privilege of a leading global web design company....

June 2009
Product Updates Giving Rocky Mountain Popularity
Millettech has finished the data transmission of hundreds of products for Rocky Mountain in time, at the first few days of June. Our customer was very satisfied by our timely work and high efficiency. The deserved phrase, however, attributes to Millettech’s good services of website maintenance through which it has gained good compliment from many clients. To a large extent, Rocky Mountain, under the help of our company, finished its products updates, presenting list of details of the product and will have a wide popularity on-line. The established http://www.rockymountainatv.com will lead you to thousands of the best products from popular product categories like: Motocross gear, dirt bike and atv apparel, dirt bike parts, atv parts, atv tires and more. The two sides are looking forward their mutual beneficial cooperation later....

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