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Social networking

Reveal the potential of your online community by providing media sharing, blogs or groups to your users to increase social interactions

The cutting edge for business today is e-commerce. Why should you choose e-commerce over traditional business means – because with e-commerce, you can reach customers around the corner or around the world; your customers will have unlimited shopping hours in your store that never closes; and sharing information with your clients (product info, company info, customer feedback etc.) can just be as easy as a few simple clicks.

Our social tools solutions enable you to be in complete control of who can add content, what can be accessed publicly and where everything appear on the site, Give your members the chance to express themselves by creating public profiles and sharing their passions on their own blog. Connect your listeners and let them play together using built-in community features such as friend lists, messaging, status updates and user searches. We can deliver the Social Networking platform and Online Community you're looking for while providing you full ownership rights to a custom solution.

Our community and social tools solutions & features:

1.Media content Sharing – Text, Photos, Audio files, Videos and others


3. Discussion Forums


5.Interactive Media

6.Single Sign On – Open ID – Windows Live ID – Google Friend connect

7.Interactive maps integration

8.Rich text editor

9.Private messaging

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