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Enterprise Information Management

This series of products include two parts: namely the Enterprise Information Management System and the Enterprise Management System Development Tools.Both can be run independently, Enterprise Information Management System can be run independently as a set of enterprise internal management system; System Development Tools is a rapid development tools for customizing the former.

Enterprise Information Management System is an information management system specially developed for project-oriented company.It includes:business processes,enterprise information searching,organizational structure and user authorization management.

Employees complete their tasks through the process of cooperation. Specified user may start process, the system will assign tasks for employees dealing with corresponding steps , participants can tracking the process and check the progress in the process.

As shown in figures:

Filling in blanks:

Checking details:

Pending tasks:

Tracking the progress: Four processes are: Human Resource Management Financial Management Fixed Assets Management Project Management

You can check all kinds of information in the system: Staff information:

Detail staff information:

Review resumes:

Organizational management: To maintain the organization and structure of the company and define user types.

User management:

As each enterprise has different business model and management style , the Enterprise Information Management System may need to be customized. Our development tools provide customized system without writing code. Process design:

Form design:

Module design: All kinds of queries and menu sequence can be customized without writing code simply querying and configurating XML, convenient and quick.

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