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Content Management System

A website is more than a brochure: it's a dynamic interactive communication platform. Davyin CMS solutions, based on the famous open source software Drupal, makes web content management simple.

Manage your website in-house

To maintain accuracy, compliance, relevance and recentness of information, all websites (small or large) need content to be added or modified on a regular basis. Managing flow of information is critical to your company's success on the web. A content management system allows you to manage your website content with little or no web programming technical knowledge. It is the best solutions for companies looking for high return on investment on their web strategies. In this rapidly-evolving environment, the challenge is to find the CMS that best matches your business needs. More than an out of the box solution provider, Davyin support its customer all along the way creating tailor made CMS. Supported by our total service portfolio, including consultancy, training, design and support, our Content Management System solutions provide:

Our CMS Solution features

Create and edit web pages.

Copy, move and delete pages.

Image Editor to scale, crop and rotate images.

Prepare pages in advance and publish at a later date.

Automated / personalized workflows Manager users and groups.

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