We do not estimate our price according to the number of pages you have! Complexity is our main lead. For static content sites price varies from $1000 to $2000. This price includes unique web design with all our web design standards. For dynamic content with our CMS (Content Management System), the price varies from $2000 to $4000. The clients can make the decision if they want to have Flash Design and Flash CMS. They are both beyond the range of basic Web Design. Future content changes you can either do yourself or we can do it for you.

Web Design and Development

The web development field has become so saturated with "talent" lately that it may be hard for those actively prospecting web services to differentiate between the competitions.

Luckily Millettech, Inc. has considered this factor and offers instant peace-of-mind to those searching for a company they can trust. This is accomplished simply by taking a look at the long list of our satisfied clients who have gone the extra mile in writing testimonials to our service. All the testimonials we received have been flattering, and can be viewed within our portfolio section.

Over the years Millettech has also been awarded for our achievement in web site design by some of the most reputed award agencies online.

All the websites designed by Millettech are developed strategically by utilizing proven tactics for search engine optimization. It is in the interest and success of our clients that we research this marketing effort, continually updating and refining these strategies so that your web site gains the exposure it needs to thrive.

Finally, all Millettech clients are given a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This kind of guarantee is unheard of in the industry, yet we offer it to you our esteemed customer to assure you of our commitment. Our commitment has and continues to be a commitment in making your success and our success.

Web design and development

  • Web graphic design
  • Web User Interface Design
  • Database Services
  • Interactive Technology
  • Programming, Implementation
  • Banner and Logo design
  • Flash design
  • EDI, ERP

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