Web User Interface Design

It's a Different World of Web Site Design.
User interfaces were designed to give people control over their personal computers. Users now expect a level of design sophistication from all graphic interfaces, including Web pages. The goal is to provide the needs of all your potential users, adapting Web technology to their expectations and never requiring readers to conform to an interface that places unnecessary obstacles in their paths.
It is crucial point where your research on the needs and demographics of the target audience. It's impossible to design for an unknown person whose needs you don't understand. Create sample scenarios with different types of users seeking information from your site. Would an experienced user seeking a specific piece of information be helped or hindered by your home page design? Would a casual reader be intimidated by a complex menu scheme? Testing your designs and getting feedback from a variety of users is the best way to see whether your design ideas are giving them what they want from your site.
Millettech follows the following tips to deliver the premium user interface designs.

Clear navigation aids
No dead-end pages
Direct access
Bandwidth and interaction
Simplicity and consistency
Design integrity and stability
Feedback and dialog

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