For Web Hosting, We have servers in both China and America. The clients may choose the best server for themselves according to their actual need. The pricing will depend on the space capacity for web, space capacity for database, speed limitation, and the number of domain names. Web Hosting will be charged annually. The client should decide recharge or not after one year period of hosting service.

Web Hosting

At Millettech, it is our goal to present the most advanced web hosting solutions available today. Our state-of-the-art web servers will ensure that you receive a powerful and reliable hosting experience. If you desire competitive value and superior performance, we offer the most comprehensive hosting solution for your personal or business site.

Whether you are novice or an internet guru, we have the right web hosting solution for you. All our hosting packages come with a variety of special features and a Control Panel which makes it simple to update your site.

We are determined to offer our clients the best website hosting experience. Gaining trust from a company you can count on only occurred experience. We are so confident in our hosting service and sure that you will be fully satisfied.

Our hosting service includes all the facilities required to host and maintain a website on the Internet. We offer complete UNIX hosting and Windows 2000 hosting for those Microsoft worshippers. If you feel you need to establish a web presence then our advisors will first advise you of the best domain name for your company. We shall set up your account and continue hosting of your domain

Web hosting

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