Translation service

The company can offer more than 30 languages translation services, including English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Dutch, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Finnish, Turkey, Greece, Arabic, Poland, Norwegian, Czechs, Danish, Swedish, Irish, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Malayan, Indonesian, Laos and Burmese Translation etc.

Translation Fields

Business Plan Report, FIDIC-International Project Invitation of Bid and Bidding Document, Machinery, Electron, Furniture, Communication, Electricity, Aviation, Medication, Sanitation, Medical Treatment Appliance, Chemical, Petroleum, Energy Sources, Environment Protection, Steel, Metallurgy, Biochemistry, Architecture and Building Material, Automobile, Weave, Printing and Dyeing, Garment, Paper Making, Foodstuff, Agriculture and Stockbreeding, Computer, Bank, Negotiable Securities Paper, Insurance, Economy, Management, Business, Policy, Law etc. professional translation.

Respect our clients

We try our best to satisfy our clients, because it's our duty! The clients are god! We never compromise on this rule! Millettech has developed a good relationship with our clients. We solve not only the professional problems, but also provides our clients with a feeling like staying at home!

A profound knowledge

Our staff have a wide knowledge of the many different aspects of the languages they speak. They've graduated from translation school and have rich experience in all areas.

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