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Millettech Web Design and Development Process

Our web design process is simple, while our development service quality is very sophisticated and satisfactory to customers. You may simply drop your emails to services@Millettech.com to tell us your web design requirement. Then we will tell you what we need to do together to deliver the project with best quality. Main steps of the service are as follows:



Contacting us

Firstly, please send e-mails to us:

1.Services: services@Millettech.com

2, For general information: info@Millettech.com

3. Sales and Marketing: sales@Millettech.com Email is the best way at this stage since we can read your requirement carefully.

Project Proposal

Once we receive details of your webdesign requirement, our team will meet together to provide technical advice, or suggestions. And we will present our client with a project proposal.

Signing the Contract

Once both sides get agreement on time schedule, pricing and some other important issues, a contract will be signed. Millettech will strictly follow the rules in the contract. Deliverables and deadlines are two critical milestones for us. Of course, we will strictly protect the IP rights and any confidential information of our clients.

Web Design and Development Process

Analyze and Plan

Before designing your web page, we need to brainstorm and think about defining goals and purposes of the Web site. "I want to create a site in order to..."

Millettech emphasizes user-centered interface, define tasks and interactivity. Then, we do research and collect information.


Millettech creates a coherent, consistent layout style to unify your pages. Consistency helps readers efficiently scan the information. Style choices include header, paragraph and indentation styles, placement of images, banners, and other repeating elements. Home Page First, Sub Pages Second, and then Forms, Flash, CGI, Java are now added to your site at this time.

Develop We can also conduct a usability test of your web page. In addition, we have a highly trained professional team to test the links, navigation, interface, and have them descibe what they liked and disliked about your web page. Above all, test on different platforms(e.g., Windows, Mac, Unix, SGIS, etc.), using different browsers, and different locations(e.g., computer labs, home) with Internet access. Then, revise accordingly.


After the completion of the whole web design project, we will present an evaluation based on your feedback, and can make some revision in accordance with your unique needs.

As for webdesign projects, communication is the most challenging work. But that is where Millettech`s strength lies. We have strong tech persons with good English skill. We have our favorable communication documentation and process. We have clear definition of deliverables and requirement specs. Also we report our status to clients every week, most of the times, communicate every day.

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Our services will be tailor-made to
your individual requirements,This
helps ensure that potential
customers will linger on your site
to explore what you have to offer.

Our services will be tailor-made to your individual requirements. This helps ensure that potential customers will linger on your site to explore what you have to offer.