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1. which services do you offer?

A:Our services cover many fields, ranging from Software development, off shoring service and providing solutions to businesses in the area of E-business, finance and manufacture. We can also provide services in system integration, database solution, web application, SQA and Testing services, product maintenance and offshore development center.

2. What would you need for us to start a web design project?

A: To start a project, we would require all the content and images you intend to use, as well as the URLs of your competitor websites and 50% deposit upfront. Balance amount is to be paid while delivering the final version.Or 50% upfront money before starting the project, 30% following payment when most functions are completed, 20% of total sum is due to pay while delivering the final version.

3. I want to have a flash website. What shall I do?

A: We can provide two types of flash websites. The First one is the website where you can have flash animation in some content or images. And the Second type is a full flash driven website. Please contact our friendly sales team to discuss the most applicable to your need, and about the corresponsing project cost.

4. I have a custom software development project. What shall I do and whom shall I contact?

A: If you have a custom software development project (in PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, Cold fusion, Java only), please feel free to send your specifications to our sales division for a free quote. Our project managers would analyze the provided specifications and prepare a proposal with a reasonable price and timeframe.

5. How will I monitor my project once I decide to go ahead with Millettech?

A: Millettech will assign a project manager for each job, who would be available to the client whenever required for smooth monitoring of a project or in case the client has questions, modifications etc.

6. How do you work with overseas clients?

A: We consider communication as the most important element since it is a challenging work. But never worry too much. A sound requirement can still be got from our documented communication process. And we also send the progress of the project every week to our client, and keep in touch every day.

7. I have some Windows and some Linux servers. Can you support both?

A: Yes, we can. Depending on your circumstances and the volume of tickets for each operating system, we may need for Windows tickets to be lodged in a different ticket system from that of the Linux ones, or clearly differentiated in the Subject line of the tickets. If you require both Windows and Linux support, please contact us before placing your order so that we can discuss the matter with you.

8. Will I be able to talk directly with my assigned web designer?

A: Absolutely. You are welcome to contact your designer directly through either Instant Messenger or via email at any time during your daily support period.

9. Will I own the code you write for me?

A: Yes, you will. The only qualification to which is that it is likely we will use some standard functions (the sorts of functions that are used repeatedly for various clients, such as a function to validate an email address) and we would retain the right to re-use those functions for future clients. Any functions that are specific to your project would not be re-used for any other clients and you are welcome to copyright the finished work.

10. What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept payments through PayPall (credit card or PayPal balance) and via direct credit payment. PayPal provides quick and easy facilities so it is not a problem if you are not yet a member, it will still only take you a few minutes to place your order.

11. Will my clients know that I have outsourced my support services?

A: We make every effort to ensure that the transfer of your support services to Support Resort is completely transparent. We will respond to your customers' queries just as you would, and give no indication that our responses are coming from somewhere but your own in-house support team. After all, we are your very own support team!

12. What about time and price estimate?

A: We strongly recommend you contact us either via email or phone and let us know your requirements, our manager and technician will give you price and time estimate at that point.

13. What should I do after signing the contract?

A: We would require clients to pay the down payment to start the project which is 50% of the whole sum, we also require clients to provide texts and pictures to let us get the project go on smoothly. We are not responsible for any time delay caused by not providing us texts and pictures on time.

14. Can I ask your technician to do some changes on my project after the project is done?

A: Yes. Once the project (your equipments) is completed by our technicians, we will ask our clients to check it to see if they need to do any changes on the project. As long as our clients feel satisfied with the project, you can also ask us to do changes on your project for three times until getting your satisfaction. Service charge will apply for any changes over three times.

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Our services will be tailor-made to
your individual requirements,This
helps ensure that potential
customers will linger on your site
to explore what you have to offer.

Our services will be tailor-made to your individual requirements. This helps ensure that potential customers will linger on your site to explore what you have to offer.