Web Development Client


Shanghai Qixuan Information and Technology Co,. Ltd is specialized in offering sales channel management and solutions on product-defense system.


SoftLogistics, an American-invested compnay, exists to provide RFID, 2D barcode and other software solutions to help businesses compete in today's environment with an efficient and effective information system.


ALGOTEX, a European firm, offers investments in intelligence, design and creation of innovative technological solutions that improve quality, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Oriental Marketing Services

Located for more than 20 years in Asia, Oriental Marketing Services is an International Marketing and Business Development Consulting company.

Chongqing Cygnet Investment & Holding Co.Ltd

As the investor and developer of Chongqing Hongya Cave Cultural Center, Chongqing Cygnet Investment & Holding Co. Ltd is an international enterprise which applied itself to China??s national restaurant globalization and multiple development and culture realization.

Melinda Gloss

Paris based brand, Melinda Gloss has established on the high-end of men??s fashion.