Web Development Client


Focusmedia, listed in US NASDAQ, is the founder of the outdoor tele-ads network in China, which covers nearly 52 cities and possesses 23,000 LTD, with the middle or high-income people as its target group.


Galassia is a worldwide wholesale supplier of PVC & Rubber flooring and offers the floors for Home and Commercial & Industrial applications.


The vision of Live Love Talk is to create a global community where the focus is to advance thought. Millettech has finished this project successfully.


Maximum is one of the world's most innovative employment marketing and communication agencies. Their offices are in the Netherlands and Shanghai, and their global network includes long-established partnerships with award-winning agencies in North America.

Telecom Haplink

Telecom Haplink is a subsidiary of Shanghai Telecom. Our client provides full support for the establish of Digital Garden in Caohejing Developing District.


IndoChina is a company located in Canada who sales textiles on internet. We provide our service to them with a well-designed sale-on-line website.