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      Millettech has conducted a revision of the whole website and reintegrated its products
      A successful case of an Car washing business service website
      A online modern darwing shop you may not know
      Website design of Simple Life
      Arts Education Website website completed
      Millettech developed the first branch in 2014, is located in Wuhan.
      2015,Millettech has finished a great update
      Website design of Tech Blast
      Synthite website completed
      Millettech build a swimming training site for a client based on Neitherland
      Millettech finish 3D design for a restraurant
      Millettech has the honor to get the certificate of accreditted enterprise for developing software
      Millettech has successfully finished a VI design sample
      3D Design Case of a Clinic Completed
      Ureative completed
      SOAPNUT REPUBLIC completed
      IDA Company website completed
      Millettech successfully built a ESL training website
      ZIVA Java website completed
      Abel Flash website completed
      Millettech successfully finished the poster design in seven working days
      Perfectly achieved the teamwork with REXOR on web design
      Millettech Successfully Completed a Professional Video Website(Phase 1)
      Millettech represents a company to attend the GSMA from 22 June to 24 June
      Millettech Offer an Excellent PPT Masterplate to a Consulting Company on 11 June
      Millettech Finished the Logo& Namecard Design on 14 June
      EUGENIUS completed
      A transportation website has been successfully completed
      Planets design project done
      Grahasti Matchmaking Site Completed
      Millettech successfully constructed a website for EastDrama
      Company website construction
      A Three-page Design
      Portuguese version of Pryor site has been successfully finished
      logo designs
      Profax and Lenco completed
      Second-round web design of SoCIP phase 2 completed
      Web Design and Development and Its Designers in Nowadays
      Website Design
      P&T Global Company Website Successfully Finalized
      Bad IT management habits
      SMARTZU with Millettech
      Test Tube Aliens Website Successfully Finalized
      UNDERSCORE UK 2011 CGI Successfully finished
      Stop-By E-commerce Website Successfully Finished
      Baiyuanke Website Successfully Launched on April 15th
      SoCIP 2011 Website Successfully finished
      STS Testing Solutions, Successfully Launched on 14th April 2011!
      Millettech Successfully Designed and Developed a Second Hand Jewellery Trading Website
      Millettech successfully designed a regimen website for NutriMate
      Millettech designed and lunched a school website at the beginning of this year
      Millettech successfully hosted three websites for a Shanghai client
      Millettech helped Americocorp redesigned the website
      Millettech has successfully designed a restaurant flash animation for our client Dec 20th, 2010 is online powered by Millettech
      Nothingbuthearts launched On 10th October
      Millettech successfully designed the website for Shanghai Ting
      Millettech creates a 3D Flash Webpage for the Company ISCA
      The "Asia-Pacific Biennial Awards for Interior Design" official site is successfully redesigned
      Millettech creates a Spanish version of their website
      Johnsoncontrols Chinese site close to the end
      E-commerce site draws a good end of May
      US Health website done with success
      A Flash Website Is Finalizing
      A new music website is successfully made by Millettech
      A new Chinese website for Johnsoncontrols is coming soon
      Millettech has moved to a new location
      Qiyitang website has come to a perfect ending
      Big trade platform finalized successfully
      Suminco website finished as expected
      Millettech Wishes You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
      The Chinese Website of Larich Draws a Good End
      Successful 3D Video Design for Safety Consulting 30th, Oct
      Successful End for a wine magazine company in shanghai 15th, Oct
      EcoTech’s Good Prospect Enhanced
      Larich Boasting Its Tourism 26th, July
      Good end of PDM international website 25th, July
      Successful Cooperation with Psediting
      Product Updates Giving Rocky Mountain Popularity
      Successful 3D Myshoptown World
      Highlighting Cooperation with Dragon Bus
      Successful cooperation with IAI
      Millettech gets active with DEEW
      The Two-Period B2B website developed successfully
      Highlight of April-Millettech puts Americocorp on www.
      A new project on search engine optimation
      The B2B website is near to close
      3D Dating Website Happy starting point in New Year
      Theferrelonspa-- Good end and New start in 2009
      Cooperation with Omron Achieves Success is coming up soon!
      A France company Gave high prise to Millettech!
      Novemsoft Successful SEO project
      The successful cooperation between Millettech and Sunrise Travel
      Chongqing Little Swan Group as Our Partner
      We Did the Project for Synthes
      Cooperation with Omron Initiated
      New challenges!
      New Interns
      Year of Millettech
      We are Innovative Olympians!
      We are YOUR HR
      We design the website for Yingde Gases Company
      A new web design project
      CMS compatible with mutli-language versions
      Website design for Efergy
      Website design for an Australian glasses company
      We successfully develop a new edition of CMS
      CMS (Content Management System) Development
      Web Design for Yingde Gases Company


  Web Design and Development
      Web Graphic Design
      Web User Interface Design
      Database Services
      Interactive Technology
      Programming Implementation
      Banner and Logo design
      Flash CMS
      Flash Design
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  Web Maintenance
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  Search Engine Optimization
  IT Solution
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  Graphic design
  Corporate Identity Design
  3D Design
      Virtual Reality
      3D Animation
      3D Panoramic Virtual Tour
  Art Design


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  Case Study_8
  Case Study_9
  Case Study_10
  Case Study_11
  Case Study_12
  Case Study_13
  Case Study_14
  Case Study_15
  Case Study_16
  Case Study_17
  Case Study_18
  Case Study_19
  Case Study_20
  Case Study_21
  Case Study_22
  Case Study_23
  Case Study_24
  Case Study_25
  Case Study_26
  Case Study_27
      Graphic Design
      Graphic Design_2
      Graphic Design_3
      Graphic Design_4
      Graphic Design_5
      Graphic Design_6
      Logo Design
      Logo Design_2
      Logo Design_3
      Logo Design_4
      Logo Design_5
      Logo Design_6
      Logo Design_7
      Logo Design_8
      Logo Design_9
      Corporate Identity Design
      Corporate Identity Design_2
      Corporate Identity Design_3
      FLASH Design
      3D Animation Design
      3D Animation Design_2
      3D Animation Design_3
      3D Animation Design_4
      3D Animation Design_5
      PowerPoint Template Design
      PowerPoint Template Design_2
      PowerPoint Template Design_3
      Web Design and Development
      Web Design and Development_2
      Web Design and Development_3
      Web Design and Development_4
      Web Design and Development_5
      Web Design and Development_6
      Web Design and Development_7
      Web Design and Development_8
      Web Design and Development_9
      Web Design and Development_10
      Software interface design
      Software interface design_2
      Offshore software outsourcing Case


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